Intelligent Budgeting On the Wedding


The preparation of a wedding is something that is not an easy thing to do. It needs a lot time and focus by the couple. Planning is done long time or a year before the wedding and which always comes after the engagement party. Dealing with all the concern in the wedding needs to have a good decision making. A lot of aspect are given attention and importance.

The Budget

Just before you select an option in your wedding, you should always see your budget. From the budget, that is where you get the amount to be set for every details of the wedding. The wedding rings are something that should last for a lifetime. Therefore it is just important to consider a higher budget for this more than the banquet and the cakes that will only last for a couple of hours. It is important that you have researched and have knowledge on the metals used on the rings and the stones to be laid on it. There are actually so many options that suit to your budget.

The Ring

Is there really a rule on how the wedding rings should be for the couple? So you really have to match the rings? Of course, it looks pleasing when the couples are having the same design. This is just a personal choice, but you can actually wear anything of different designs and colors. The size of each ring should be given attention also. The other one shouldn’t be thicker than the other. They should be different except for the ring size.

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What Gold is Best for the Following Jewellery?

Gold is Best for the Following Jewellery

Gold is one of the most if not yet the most popular choice of metal for jewelries such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendant. Both men and women enjoy gold jewellery especially when used for significant occasions like weddings. Gold, like any other metals, has elements necessary to be considered when being purchased.

First, gold carat measures the pureness of gold in a jewellery. A 24 karat gold means pure gold. Despite its purity, this kind of gold is not often used for wedding and engagement rings because they are too soft and lessdurable. An 18, 14, or 9 karat gold is normally used for bands. These ones are mixed with other precious metals like silver and copper.

Gold, being malleable by nature, would create a sturdy jewellery with lesser proportion of gold but it would also mean that the jewellery will be of lesser value. So what types of jewellery are suitable for the different karat gold? Here’s a quick list

9 karat. men’s engagement ring, men’s wedding ring, ladies and men’s dress rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces

14 karat. men’s engagement ring, men’s wedding ring, ladies and men’s dress rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces

18 karat. ladies engagement ring, men’s engagement ring, men’s wedding ring, ladies and men’s dress rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces


Another thing to consider when choosing a gold jewellery is its color. The mixture of gold with other alloys is another factor that gives any jewellery a unique color. Yellow gold, the most popular of all the colors, is attained by combining pure gold, copper and zinc. Other choices would be white gold, rose gold, and sometimes could even be bronze, red and lime gold.

Sometimes, jewelries can be a combination of two or more gold colors to make its design less common. Two-tone or multi-tone pieces of gold jewellery has been in demand.

Golds with same karat will definitely cost the same. However, different colors of gold will affect its price despite the number of carat it contains. Normally, white gold is the most expensive among all colors because of the tedious process in goes through.

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How Safe Is It To Buy Online?

Safe to buy online

There is definitely an increasing number of consumers who opt for buying online rather than buying on physical stores. But there are certain risks that the consumer actually takes when they buy online; risks in their important personal information and many more. There are a few things that you can actually do as a consumer to prevent any mishaps to happen when you buy online. Identity details are commonly given when you are trying to buy anything online, because most likely you are going to charge the purchases to your own credit card. In order to prevent identity theft and other mishaps when you buy online, there are a few things that you might want to consider.

Change your PINs once in a While

If you want to be safer in purchasing any products online, try changing your PIN numbers once in a while, or use different cards rather than just using one for the many transactions that you are doing, especially if you are using your debit card. Debit cards are actually one of the many risky cards that you should consider not using.

Check Credibility of the Website

Sometimes it all boils down to the choosing of the website that you are trusting. Since you are buying jewellery, make sure that there are several things that should be considered:

– Accreditation of the Site
– Does the site have a corresponding physical store?
– Does it have very good reviews from all the experienced buyers?
– Is the site popular, and ranks pretty well in each engines?
– Does the site secure your data by SSR protection and other ways that make sure that your information is never saved in their server?

Online shopping for jewellery and other items is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can do, just make sure that you and your identity information is always safe.

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